Wheelchairs for Nigeria

2014 Report to West Side Presbyterian Church

May 2014

The ministry of providing wheelchairs for some of the tens of thousands of Nigerian polio survivors who otherwise spend their lives crawling on the ground continues to grow.

One of the most significant milestones was a little over a year ago when we received our 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS, enabling tax-deductible contributions to be sent directly to Wheelchairs for Nigeria, instead of through the church. Special thanks to Shirley Tupper and Jim Campbell who have processed contributions so faithfully over the years. Board members include Ryan Avery, Janet Rice, Carol Watson, Mark Stewart, Paul Mackay, Lee Sundquist, Justin Alicandro and Danny McCain. We can now receive online contributions at our website, are eligible for employer matching grants and have a brokerage account to receive appreciated stock.

Construction of our new workshop is progressing well and hopefully will soon be finished. Our old workshop is much too small, hard to find on a back alley, and in an unsafe area. The new workshop is in a strategic location directly across a main road from the University of Jos. The main shop building is very large, 225 x 50 ft., a raised platform with a corrugated aluminum roof, open on 3 sides to let in light and air. The building has been funded by $89,550 in specially designated gifts given from October to March. No wheelchair money is used for capital expenditures.

During my 20th trip to Nigeria in October and November, Ayuba Gufwan, my partner, and I gave out about 100 wheelchairs in seven presentations and about 50 folding white canes at two schools for the blind. As of this April we have now given out a total of 9,653 wheelchairs in 23 of Nigeria's 36 states, far more than any other organization is doing for polio survivors in all of Nigeria! Our biggest problem is that when funds are low, Ayuba can only buy steel tubing to keep the staff welding frames, but there is no money for the wheels and bicycle components to complete the wheelchairs. Currently there are 213 frames awaiting wheels and the staff is starting on another 100 frames.

Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Center - 2013 Financial Statement

Income Amount
Donations through West Side Presbyterian and Wheelchairs for Nigeria, Seattle $124,385
Donations through World Renew (Christian Reformed World Relief Committee), Toronto $9,132
Donations from local agencies in Nigeria $12,658
Gifts from Rotary $6,645
Donations for the new workshop through Wheelchairs for Nigeria, Seattle $23,879
Nigerian donations for the new workshop $4,177
Miscellaneous income $4,572
Total Income $185,450
Expenses Amount
Personnel (salaries, overtime, medical, pension) $45,688
Operation (supplies, generator fuel and repairs, material for prosthetics) $88,912
Travel (petrol, vehicle repairs, Ayuba's travel, delivering wheelchairs) $14,343
Administration, hospitality, miscellaneous $7,868
Capital Expenditures: construction of the new workshop $30,915
Total Expenses $187,726
Net Income $ (2,276)

Thank you to all who have faithfully given and prayed for this project. Be sure to watch the video and see the photos and stories on our website, www.wheelchairsfornigeria.org.

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