Wheelchairs for Nigeria

2013 Report to West Side Presbyterian Church

May 2013

Our ministry of providing wheelchairs for the tens of thousands of Nigerian polio survivors who spend their lives crawling on the ground has had three major milestones in the last year:

  1. In May 2012 we purchased a strategic property for a new shop, located on a main road directly across from the University of Jos. A new shop location is needed because we have completely outgrown our present shop and it has become unsafe for our Muslim welders, as Jos has divided into separate neighborhoods because of the ongoing violence. Some generous designated gifts provided for the $57,000 purchase price. Another $24,000 was given to build the security wall around the property and begin stock piling building supplies. Ayuba has organized a blue-ribbon committee of community leaders who are trying to raise money for the new shop buildings.
  2. Ayuba has been able to increase the efficiency of the shop so that in 2012 over 1300 wheelchairs were produced in comparison to less than 800 in 2011. The downside is that contributions have not kept up with the increased output, so that each month is a struggle to meet our meager payroll and keep the shop supplied with steel pipe, diesel for the generator, bicycle parts and other supplies. Our present payroll of $2,700 for 28 staff is woefully inadequate, but we don't dare increase salaries until we are assured more income. We have now built and donated over 6,000 wheelchairs.
  3. After a lengthy process, in early April we received our 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit, so that Wheelchairs for Nigeria can now receive tax-deductible contributions directly, without going through the church. Hats off to Shirley Tupper and Jim Campbell who have been so faithful in processing contributions. We can now qualify for employer matching grants. Board members are Ryan Avery, Janet Rice, Carol Watson, Mark Stewart, Paul Mackay, Lee Sundquist, Justin Alicandro and Danny McCain.

Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Center - 2012 Financial Statement

Income Amount
Donations through West Side Presbyterian Church, Seattle $64,513
Donations for new shop through West Side Presbyterian $79,020
Donations through Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, Toronto $19,650
Grants from local agencies and governments in Nigeria $34,484
Donations from individuals in Nigeria $18,089
Miscellaneous income $1,069
Total Income $216,829
Expenses Amount
Personnel (salaries, overtime, medical, pension) $32,873
Operation (supplies, generator fuel and repairs, material for prosthetics) $80,520
Travel (petrol, repairs) $14,834
Capital (purchase of land for new shop, security wall, construction supplies) $78,043
Administration, Hospitality, Miscellaneous $6,107
Total Expenses $212,380
Net Income $4,448

Thank you to all who have faithfully given and prayed for this project. Be sure to watch the short new video on our website, www.wheelchairsfornigeria.org.

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