Wheelchairs for Nigeria

2012 Report to West Side Presbyterian Church

May 2012

Our ministry providing wheelchairs for the tens of thousands of Nigerian polio survivors continues to grow. We have now built and donated well over 5,000 wheelchairs to crippled children and adults who otherwise would spend their lives crawling on the ground. There are at least 2,000 children in school today because they got a wheelchair and had the mobility for the first time in their lives to get to school. Since they can't walk or work on the farm, getting an education is their only hope for the future.

Sharon and I spent September in Nigeria, my 18th trip and Sharon's 11th. Since we had never seen any of the rest of Africa in all these trips, we traveled for 6 weeks in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Ethiopia before finally getting to Nigeria.

Our work was hampered for 5 months in early 2011 because of the religious/tribal violence in Jos. Our 5 most skilled welders, who are Muslim, could not come to work because of threats in coming through the neighborhood to get to our shop, which is on a back alley. We have recently identified two potential locations for a new shop, located on main roads in more neutral areas and we hope to secure one of those parcels soon. Some very generous designated gifts have come in recently, enough to purchase the land, but it will probably take another $40,000 to $50,000 to build a security wall and the buildings we will need for the new shop.

My partner Ayuba Gufwan spent six weeks in the US this spring, speaking to churches, schools and Rotary clubs in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, San Francisco and Seattle. He made many wonderful contacts, some of which we hope will bear fruit with gifts for wheelchairs and other needs of our program.

Willem Haarhoff from South Africa, an accountant with KPMG in Lagos, who is the treasurer of the International Church there, did an 800 mile bike ride in July from Lagos through Benin and Togo to Accra, Ghana and back, taking pledges for wheelchairs. He raised enough money for over 120 wheelchairs!

In April I was able to travel with Mark Stewart to Sierra Leone and Liberia, and at several pastor's conferences I was able to show the wheelchair video and challenge several hundred African pastors to the need to reach out in the love of Christ to the disabled. Everywhere I go I remind church leaders that Jesus spent only half his time proclaiming the Kingdom and the other half healing and ministering to the sick. In Luke 9 and 10, when he sent out the 12 and then the 72, he told them to proclaim the Kingdom and heal the sick. We need to do both in our churches!

Beautiful Gate Handicapped Peoples' Center - 2011 Income and Expense Statement

Income Amount
Donations through West Side Presbyterian Church, Seattle $43,542.62
Donations through Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), Ontario $32,822.85
Grants from local agencies in Nigeria $16,100.32
Gifts from others $1,250.00
Donations from individuals in Nigeria (mostly from the bicycle ride pledges) $28,898.81
Incidental shop income $2,136.43
Total Income $124,751.03
Expenses Amount
Personnel (salaries, overtime, pension, medical) $24,095.68
Operation (supplies, generator fuel and repairs, materials for prosthetics) $79,898.88
Travel expenses $13,430.54
Administrative expenses $3,851.69
Miscellaneous $3,030.56
Total Expenses $124,307.35
Net Income $443.69

Thank you to all who have faithfully given and prayed for this project. Please watch the video on our website: wheelchairsfornigeria.org if you haven't seen it. God continues to bless and expand this ministry!

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