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"Jesus Cares For You."

A favorite memory by Dr. Ron Rice, founder of WFN

          One of Ayuba’s friends, Apollos, who has a Christian ministry in Tela, a town in Taraba State, Nigeria, asked Ayuba if he could distribute 15 wheelchairs to polio survivors in his town.

        Since the town is about half Muslim and half Christian, he had the ceremony in a school yard, a neutral location, and gave half to Christian children and half to Muslim children.

       He had stenciled on the back of the wheelchairs the name of his ministry: Jesus Cares For You.”

          Some militants in the town began to strongly criticize the parents of the Muslim children, “You shouldn’t have anything with Jesus’ name on it,” they complained bitterly. Finally the dispute was taken to the village head, a Muslim and a very wise leader.

          “Jesus gave you these wheelchairs,” he said, “and if you take Jesus’ name off, he may take the wheelchairs back. Do you want your children to be crawling on the ground againBesides, Jesus’ name is in the Qur’an. And nobody has taken Jesus’ name out of the Qur’an.

          So tell the Christians, if Jesus wants to bring anymore wheelchairs, He is most welcome.

Afternoon Prayer
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