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          Ron and Sharon were the first white visitors to the large and remote mountain-top village of Zuwakal in 55 years, where they presented 15 wheelchairs, school desks for 60 students, 2 computers and a small generator. The old chief remembered white missionaries coming about 1960 when he was a small boy, but none since. There are now 6 churches in the area and a large primary and secondary school. The 4 hour trip included one hour up a hand built bush track, carved through rock, 4-wheel drive only. The chief presented Ron with a 4 ft. antique hunting spear and club, and Sharon was given 20 liters of pure palm oil, the village’s main source of out- side income.

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 10.55.44 PM.png

30 Flute Players & A Drummer Greet The White Visitors

          How to get the hunting spear home on the plane? Ron was able to get the steel point off the wooden shaft and put it in his checked luggage. Sharon used the shaft as a walking stick. When we got to Paris, they let us first on the plane! The hunting spear and club now hang above our front door in case of unwelcome visitors.

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